Testing WebApps with Playwright

A few weeks ago I was looking for an end-to-end testing framework. An alternative to Selenium, and all the other end-to-end frameworks. I came across a project called Playwright. Playwright is a new end-to-end framewrok created and maintained by Microsoft, it allows you to test web applications on different browsers.... [Read More]

Parsing in C#

I am currently building a JSON:API driven API on .NET 5, the project is called Chinook after the Sqlite Chinook project. The API is mature enough for me to introduce filtering via the Filter query parameter used in JSON:API. [Read More]
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Asynchronous Request in GraphQL

When I first started to learn about GraphQL I was somewhat surprise to learn that the GraphQL specification did not provide any guidance or spoke of any methods to handle asynchronous request. By asynchronous request, I mean request that cannot be completed within your normal request-response context. [Read More]

Chinook API Project Now Hosted on Heroku

My Chinook JSON:API project is now in a good enough state that I feel comfortable hosting it on a live server. Here is the base url, https://chinook-jsonapi.herokuapp.com/, I highly recommend using some kind of JSON viewer if you want to interact with the API. If you are on a Chromium... [Read More]
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